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The Department of Economics, EWU is ranked No. 1 in the country by IDEAS. The undergraduate curriculum can be matched to top-ranking North American Universities. The courses are taught by renowned faculties with Ph.D. and Masters from primarily North American institutions.

The Department gives generous scholarships and Teaching Assistantships to students with good academic record. Students also get the chance to hone their research and analytical skills by working very closely with the faculties. Weekly research presentations known as the Brown-Bag seminars are organized by the Department to keep the students informed about the latest research techniques and methods used in the discipline. In addition, the Economics Club organizes various events and activities to bring the student community together and showcase their talents.

The Department follows a practical and hands-on approach to teaching the courses where all relevant examples used in class are from the Bangladesh Economy perspective. This prepares the students to relate the theories and concepts to real-life problems and solutions later in their work life. Generally, a significant number of economics graduates continue their studies at our Master’s program in Economics, some go abroad for graduate study, and the remaining enter the job market.

Career Options

There is a strong demand for EWU’s economics graduates in the job market. While many graduates prefer to work in the financial sector, a good number of our graduates work in the private development sector that requires good analytical and research skills. Interestingly, several recent graduates have shown entrepreneurial spirit by taking part in new businesses.