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The main objective of the MDS Program is to enhance the skills, competence, confidence and vision of the graduates as development practitioners. The planning for and implementation of development programs and projects are lot more complex today than anytime in the past. Also it has been observed that rather than fresh graduates, individuals with some experience in real life work in development business or other corporate activities are in a much better position to grasp and assimilate the multi-faceted development paradigms of today. The course is thus designed for the development practitioners and the corporate executives who would like to enrich their knowledge of development economics and related topics and to sharpen their skills to analyze a given problem of multi sectored complexity towards a set of optimal solutions.

1. A four-year Bachelor degree (CGPA 2.5 or more) or at least a Second Class Master degree from a recognized university with basic courses in economics and business studies.
2. Three year Bachelor Hons. Degree holders are eligible for admission without the benefit of waivers.
3. Must pass the EWU admission test.
4. Applicants with at least two years experience in a public, private or NGO sector program/project shall get priority in admission.

MDS is a program of 39 credits. Each course completed earns three credits. The courses are divided into four categories. Since students joining MDS are expected to have varied backgrounds, three foundation courses (9 credits) are designed to update their background. Six core courses (18 credits) are designed to build the basics for development program managers while the specialization courses (9 credits) are expected to develop skills in specific areas of operations in the development organizations. However, 3 more credits are required for students to introduce them to real development works at the field level.