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Institute of Water Modelling – Economic Analysis of City Waste Disposal in Sylhet City Corporation, Jan-August 2016

Institute of Water Modelling – Feasibility Analysis of Eastern Bypass Project in Dhaka, March-August 2016

Adam Smith International – Economic Development and Green Growth – Diagnostic study on Green Growth Prospects in Bangladesh, August – September 2016

Institute of Water Modelling – Analyzing demand for agricultural water in selected districts – Naogaon and Khulna – 2016 Jan – 2016 March

ILO, Dhaka – Evaluation of Decent Work Country Program 2012-2015; from Nov 18, 2015 to Jan 18, 2016

Indian High Commission – Led a Pre-Feasibility study of the Sites for the Indian High Commission in order to
help the Indian High Commission to select the sites for them [a team organized by Unnayan Shamannay]

UNICEF, Understanding the quality of public expenditure in primary education in Bangladesh (with Unnayan Shamannay) 2014-15

The Planning Commission, Bangladesh – part of the team on mainstreaming climate change in plan documents through Ag Econ Association (2014-15)

Grontmij on Feasibility Study to Secure Sustainable and Cost Efficient Water Supply System (2015) – with Instiute of Water Modeling, 2015

IWM Expert on economic and financial analysis of water sector projects (2015)

MFF research grant management (2015)

IUCN ecosystem services research (2012,2014)

CREL, Dhaka for advising on ecosystem services research (Climate Resilient Ecosystem and Livelihood)

UNDP fund for developing climate and disaster vulnerability index for BD, 2013

ADB research study on energy pricing 2012

UNDP Evaluation of activities in Bangladesh

IIED research grant 2011

INM Research Grant 2009-10BIFC-IFC research fund 2008-2010

PREM research fund (2004)

SDPI research fund(2004)

BMZ-GTZ evaluation of activities in Bangladesh

BBS-UNDP fund (1998-99)

BIDS-UNDP fund (2000-2001)

SANEI-GDN fund (a (2001)

BBS-UNDP fund (2001)

SANEI-GDN fund – 2002

BBS-UNDP fund 2002

Energy Economics, Development Macroeconomics

Health Economics, Labor Economics, Experimental Economics and Development Economics

Environmental Economics.

Development economics.

Gender and Development.

Health Economics.

Microeconomics Theory, Economic Design (Market Matching), Matching Theory, Experimental Economics, Environmental Economics & Economic Valuation. Current research topics: Affirmative action, Axiomatic matching design

Macro Economics, Development Economics, International Economics.

International Trade and Finance, WTO, and
Globalization Issues

  • Topics of Applied Macroeconomics, Economics of Information and Public Sector Economics

am interested to work in the fields of Public Policy, Macroeconomic Planning and Debt Sustainability Analysis. I have worked under the supervision of Dr. Ahsan Mansur, Dr. Sadik Ahmed and Dr. Bazlul Haque Khondker to prepare chapters five and eleven of Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100. My work primarily dealt with Macroeconomic stability in the face of environmental degradation and requisite investment for mitigation and adaptation purposes, in order to achieve accelerated economic growth and sustainable development. I am currently working with Policy Research Institute (PRI) to formulate the Perspective Plan (2020-2041) for the Government of Bangladesh, which focuses on economic development and macroeconomic stability to turn Bangladesh into a knowledge-based industrialized economy.

International Trade, Informal Sector and Development Economics

Empirical Macroeconomics, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics  

Health Economics, Time Series and Panel Data Analysis, Policy issues in Development Economics

Environmental Economics, and Labour Economics.

Macroeconomics, Environmental Economics, Econometric Analysis related to cross section, Time series and Panel data.