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The Centre for Urban Studies and Sustainable Development (CUSSD) is an interdisciplinary research center at the East West University (EWU) that brings together researchers from several disciplines and was created to address various urban issues that are prevalent in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world (excluding islands and city states), land is the most valuable resource and congestion is a major problem, which manifests itself in many ways. Viewed differently, this very congestion suggests utilising the untapped potential of cooperation in communities. If this social capital can be harnessed, a question requiring psychology and behavioral economics, this density becomes a potential asset in addressing housing, public health, education and sanitation amongst many other issues. In addition, rural-urban migration must be explored for any study of Bangladesh's urban problems within the framework of a market economy. The Centre will pay particular attention to the rural topography of Bangladesh and explore rural urbanization as a necessary complement to urbanization.

VISION: The vision of CUSSD is to provide innovative views of urbanization that will thrust Bangladesh towards sustainable 10% growth.

MISSION: With applied knowledge focused upon pro-poor growth as the goal, we will adopt, develop and create practical ways to implement the most relevant conceptual, theoretical, and statistical concepts that will advance the future of Bangladesh.