Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development

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Course Curriculum

Module Type
   Core Course- Basic Entrepreneurship
   Elective Course – Advanced Entrepreneurship
   Incubator Mentorship
   Field Experience

A. Pool of Foundation Courses (12 Credits: 6 Courses)

EDC 501: Accounting for Entrepreneurs
EDC 502: Personnel Management
EDC 503: Managerial Communication
EDC 504: Managing the Supply Chains
EDC 505: Customer Service
EDC 506: Outsourcing

B. Pool of Core Courses- Basic Entrepreneurship (8 Credits: 4 Courses)

EDC 511: Entrepreneurial Mindset and Development
EDC 512: Marketing Strategies
EDC 521: Legal Environment for an SME
EDC 522: Business Environment and Strategic Plan

C. Pool of Elective Courses- Advanced Entrepreneurship (8 Credits: 4 Courses)

EDC 531: Managing Organizations
EDC 532: Environmental Management for Enterprises
EDC 533: Operations of MSME
EDC 534: Virtual Business
EDC 541: Creativity & Innovation in Entrepreneurship
EDC 542: Developing Financial Plan and Projections
EDC 543: IT and Digitization of Enterprises
EDC 544: Women and Entrepreneurship

D. Incubator Mentorship - Core (4 Credits)

EDC 590 Business Plan Development

E. Field Experience (8 Credits)

EDC 580 Field Experience (included in core and elective courses)