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Conference & Seminars
  1. 2012-02-11, Seminar on Bangladesh Priorities – Smart Solutions for Bangladesh Distributed Solar – a cost benefit analysis, Copenhagen Consensus Center.
  2.  2016-01-23, Biannual Conference of the Bangladesh Agricultural Economists Association Convergence of Policies and Programs for Sustainable and Climate Resilience Agriculture, BAEA – Dhaka.
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Work in Progress

M.T. N. Angkur and Ifteakhar, K.M.N. “Factors Determining the Choice of Level of Education in Bangladesh: Evidence from HIES”.

Nandi. B., Hasan. G.Q. and M. T. N. Angkur. “Does Sources of Budget Financing Matter for Economic Growth and Investment? A Panel Study among Some Developing countries”

Conference & Seminars

Participated at the 2nd SANEM Annual Economists’ Conference held at BRAC Centre Inn, Dhaka, February 18, 2017 and presented a paper on “Factors Determining the Choice of the Level of Education in Bangladesh: Empirical Evidence from HIES”.

Participated at The Third Asia KLEMS International Conference held at Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, Taipei, Taiwan, August 12-13, 2015 and jointly presented a paper with Dr. Selim Raihan on “Sources of Output Growth: Bangladesh Economy.

Participated at The Second Asia KLEMS International Conference held at The Bank of Korea, Seoul, South Korea, August 22-23, 2013 and presented a paper on “Estimates of Productivity: 28 Manufacturing Industries of Bangladesh”.

Represented SANEM at 5th South Asian Economic Summit 11-13th September 2012, Marriott Hotel, Islamabad, Pakistan as a Special Speaker on the session “Liberalization of Services Trade in South Asia.”



Workshop on “Getting published in indexed academic and scientific journal: how to do it?” organized by the Department of Real Estate and Research Group, Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Eight South Asian Network Training Program on CGE Modeling, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 4th -8th August, 2015.

Institute of Economic Growth (IEG) Delhi Training Course: “Panel Time Series Econometrics”-Two-Day Specialist Training Course, 28th and 29th January 2013 instructed by Dr. Markus Eberhardt, University of Nottingham and CSAE, Oxford.



  • Worked in SANEM’s research paper as for IDRC (International Development Research Centre, Canada on “Dynamics of Employment in the Urban Informal Sector in Bangladesh.”
  • Worked as a Research Assistant for the Effective States and Inclusive Development (ESID) project in collaboration with University of Manchester, UK: “The Political Determinants of Economic Growth”.
  • As part of the International Trade Course (Masters) assignment, prepared the following papers for Dr. Selim Raihan, Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Dhaka.
    • Does resource abundance determine the (merchandise) export structure of a country? – A Cross-country Analysis
    • Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth: An empirical study on South Asian countries- A Panel Data Analysis.
  • Leadership in preparing a Research Proposal & conducting the Research Study on “Evaluating Tax Performance of Bangladesh With Reference To Some Selected Developing Countries”.
  • Worked as a Research Assistant in collecting data from primary sources for A Competitive Study: Edible Oil Market in Bangladesh conducted by Bureau of Economic Research, University of Dhaka.
Journal Publication

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Selected Publications

Journal Articles:

"An Analysis of the Impacts of Inflation, Trade Openness and Exchange Rate on Foreign Direct Investment in Bangladesh and Some Selected Emerging Countries" (with Dr. Sayera Younus), 2017, Thoughts on Banking and Finance, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 9- 45.

"Inclusive Growth: Dimensions of Financial Inclusion in Bangladesh" (with Md. Omor Faruq), Bangladesh Journal of Political Economy, 2015, Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. 151-172.

  • "An Analysis of the Impacts of Temperature on Diarrheal Disease in Bangladesh", International Journal of Social Science and Economic Research,2017, Vol.2.No.11. pp- 5040-5049.

Working Papers:

"An Investigation into the Spatial Rice Market Integration in Bangladesh: Application of Vector Error Correction Approach," MPRA Paper 115927, 2022, University Library of Munich, Germany.

Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates of depression, anxiety, and co-morbidity during COVID-19: A cross-sectional study among public and private university students of Bangladesh

Jeenat Mehareen, Mahir A. Rahman, Tahia Anan Dhira, Abdur Razzaque Sarker, Journal of Affective Disorders Reports, Volume 5, 2021, 100179, ISSN 2666-9153 ,

Journal Publication

1. Kabir, S. M. H., Alam, S., Bari, E., & Khan, T. I. (2020). Estimating Unrecorded International Trade of Alcohol and Forgone Revenue in Bangladesh. Journal of Economics, Management and Trade, 26(1), 53-60.

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Working Papers (Published)

1. Rahman, M. & Bari, E. (2018). Bangladesh’s formal and informal trade with SAARC countries. Working Paper (114); Dhaka: Centre for Policy Dialogue.

2. Rahman, M., Bari, E., & Farin, S. M. (2017). Operationalizing the SAARC Food Bank: Issues and Solutions. SSWA Development Papers 1803; Bangkok: UN ESCAP, South and South-West Asia Office.

3. Rahman, M., Sadique, Z., Bari, E., & Salma, U. (2016). Advancing the Interests of Bangladesh’s Migrant Workers: Issues of Financial Inclusion and Social Protection. Working Paper (112); Dhaka: Centre for Policy Dialogue.

Reports (Publised)

1. Haque, A. E., Bari, E., Khan, M. Z. H., & Mian, A. U. (2019). Impact of LPG distribution among the Rohingya and Host communities of Cox’s Bazar South
Forest division on forest resources.
UNHCR Assessment Report. IUCN, Bangladesh office.  

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Book Chapter

1. Rahman, M. & Bari, E. (2020). Informality in Bangladesh’s Agricultural Trade with SAARC Addressing the Emerging Concerns. In Trade and Regional Integration in South Asia. Springer Singapore.

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Unpublished Works

1. Bari, E., (n.d). Demystifying sand mining supply chains in Brahmaputra, Meghna and Jinjiram river basins. [Under Submission]

2. Haque, A. E., Bari, E., Aich, D., Subhani, R., & Diyan, M. A. (2014). Tale of a Tamed River: The value of Ecosystem Services of River Teesta. Dhaka: Asian Center for Development. [Soft copy is available in Amazon; hard copy never published]