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Sunday, 4 July 2021


East West University to join the HPRC Graduate Research Panel

The Department of Economics of the East West University has joined with the University of New Mexico, University of Missouri, New Mexico State University, University of Calcutta, Kathmandu University and the Heritage Business School to organize the 2021 HPRC Graduate Student Research Panel on July 25, 2021 to showcase their student research internationally. The Panel is part of the Himalayan Policy Research Conference initiative to promote cross-country research culture and to build future collaborative research and student exchanges. Two of the MSS graduates from this department Ms. Chandrika Mandal, and Ms. Rubaiya Riya Siddiqa will present their research papers in the conference. The event will be organized by the University of New Mexico, USA. The event will also include a networking session with faculty members and students of these universities who are seeking opportunities for research and higher studies. Senior undergraduate and graduate students of Economics from Bangladesh can register freely to join the event.