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Department Chairperson:
Dr. Muntasir Chaudhury
Telephone: 09666775577

Economics has been taught at East West University (EWU) since 1998. The Department of Economics offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to train students in the methods and ideas of modern economics.

Economics is one of the most sought after degrees at the undergraduate level. It equips students to understand society using the lens of rational choice to make informed and effective decisions.  At East West University, the Department of Economics is one of the best academic departments. 

The undergraduate curriculum is designed to match the contemporary social needs and its courses and credits are inline with the top-ranking North American Universities.   The curriculum uses outcome based education methods. It includes field and applied approach to teaching.  Most of the examples used in classes are from Bangladesh and South Asian perspectives.  All students have to complete a supervised research project as a part of their degree requirement.

The courses are taught by faculty members, most of whom are trained in foreign universities.  Many of the faculty members are involved in research projects, and policy studies for the Government of Bangladesh and international organizations. The Department of Economics organizes regular seminars highlighting research activities of the students and faculty members.

The core courses in Economics cover areas such as mathematics, statistics, economy theories, econometrics, and research methods.  Specialized courses include energy economics, blue economics, law and economics, information economics, labor economics, international economics, environmental economics, health economics, urban economics to name a few.  The department also offers a major in Economics for non-economics students who are interested in Economics.  Field experiences, internships, projects and problem solving are part of many courses in the curriculum.

The Department of Economics hosts Center for Urban Studies and Sustainable Development (CUSSD) and Entrepreneurship Development Center (EDC) to promote research and applied learning.  In addition, the Department of Economics is a focal point for the Himalayan University Consortium of the International Center for Mountain Development (ICIMOD) - an intergovernmental organization consisting of Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan.  The Department also has an MOU with the Asian Center for Development to promote research activities.

Graduate of the Department have been placed in reputed institutions like BIDS, World Bank, CPD, IFPRI, PRI, FBCCI, IPA, James P Grant Center, UNHCR, UNICEF, IMF, ADB, IOM, ILO, UNDP, BRAC, BIGD, USAID, Swiss Contact, etc.  Many graduates have pursued higher studies abroad including UCLA, NYU, UBC, Queen's University, McGill University, Simon Fraser University, University of Manitoba, University of Ottawa, Oxford University, University of North Carolina, John Hopkins University and other universities in Australia, Japan and Europe.

Furthermore, the Economics Club organizes various events and activities to bring the student community together and showcase their talents and to engage our students and faculty members in many philanthropic activities.

The Department offers scholarships, stipend and also teaching assistantships to students with good academic standing.  Moreover, students regularly participate in research activities and data collection activities with our faculty members.


To Become a Leading Institution in Economics of South Asia


To prepare students to enrich their knowledge and values in economics and develop career goals to address economic and social challenges in an interdependent world through education, research and training.