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Department of Business Administration, EWU celebrates World Intellectual Property Day with CLIP

Apr 25, 2022

Department of Business Administration, EWU celebrates World Intellectual Property Day with CLIP

As Sanjo Jendayi rightly said, "Guard your intellect Like the most valuable property you own." in today's fastest-growing world, the intellect has to be the most valuable property one can possess. Intellectual property mainly refers to the "Intangible Creations" of human intelligence. In today's world, innovation and invention can only be fastened with the constant effort of brilliant minds, which refers to the young generation. Given the importance of protecting intellectual property, youth should be more aware of the topic as they respond to the difficulties of innovation by putting their energy, inventiveness, curiosity, and imagination to work in the service of a better future.

Keeping that in mind, The Department of Business Administration, East West University, constantly encourages the students to focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. The main motive behind this is to create brilliant minds who, in the future, will work as the leading force in changing and reshaping the world while knowing about their rights over their intellect.

With this motive, The Department of Business Administration, East West University has collaborated with the Center for Learning Intellectual Property (CLIP) for a Webinar on "IP AND YOUTH IN GLOBAL AND BANGLADESH CONTEXTS: INNOVATING FOR A BETTER FUTURE" to celebrate the World Intellectual Property Day on 23rd April 2022. The Webinar was conducted on Zoom. Dr. Md Abdul Momen, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, East West University, joined the Webinar as a distinguished panelist along with several others from home and abroad. The Panelists from abroad were -Paola Dabbicco, IP & IT Lawyer, Italy; Ellen Deuter, IP, Competition & Corporate Lawyer, Brazil; Aileen Sanguir, IP, IT & Corporate Lawyer, Philippines; Andres Caturla, IP Lawyer, Spain; Wayne Chinembiri, Ph.D. Scholar on IP Munich Technical University, Germany; Leiz Dimacali Sueno, Sr. Technology Transfer Officer, Philippines, while from Bangladesh there were Akhi Bhadra, Founder of Trivo (Young Entrepreneur); Sabiha Akond Rupa, Founder & Creative Director, Menka; Md. Abdul Momen, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, East-West University, Bangladesh; Muhammad Khaleduzzaman Talukder, AGM SME Foundation, Bangladesh; Mahua Zahur, WIPO Scholar, Advocate & Managing Partner, CLIP; MD. Belal Hossen, WIPO Scholar & Trademark Examiner Department of Patents, Designs. Each panelist presented their insightful perspectives on how innovation has crossed international borders and how, even in Bangladesh, youths are the key to moving the world of innovation forward. They also discussed the importance of learning more about intellectual property rights and how to preserve them, something many people in Bangladesh are still unaware of. The Webinar was moderated by Mohammad Ataul Karim, WIPO Scholar & Executive Director, CLIP. He concluded the Webinar by stating that CLIP will work more on spreading awareness regarding Intellectual Property Rights and talked about how important it is for the youths to know about Intellectual Property for their benefit.

Dr. Md. Abdul Momen expresses his thoughts that Bangladeshi regulators working on Intellectual Property should be more interactive and the process should be hassle-free; it can be understood that the necessity of creating awareness regarding Intellectual Property and its protection has become urgent. So, the youths in Bangladesh need to be more invention-driven while knowing rightly about the Intellectual Property because it is the exclusive legal right to an invention or design.