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Succeed With Supply Chain: A definitive guideline for students

Aug 22, 2020

Succeed With Supply Chain: A definitive guideline for students

For every product to reach its right customers, Supply Chain has to play its role properly; otherwise, other business functions will be of no use. The supply chain not only ensures that products reach to its consumers properly but also makes sure that the whole process is either efficient or responsive according to the desires of the consumers. Therefore, to give the students an exclusive insight regarding the field of Supply Chain, East West University Creative Marketing Club organized a Facebook live session named "Succeed With Supply Chain" on 12th August 2020 at 8:30 PM.

The chief guest of the session was Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, Senior Manager of Procurement, BSRM. He was accompanied by Sunny Saha, Club Moderator and Lecturer of East West University alongside Sumaiya Akter, Organizing Secretary of EWUCMC. The session shed lights on the basic concept of Supply Chain and how it works in a company's operation process. Furthermore, the session enlightened about the transformation of the supply chain process due to technological changes and the ongoing pandemic. It also enriched the students about the technical and analytical skills that are needed to start a career in supply chain management and the available professional courses in Bangladesh, one can pursue to become a professional Supply Chain Analyst.

Altogether, the live session gave a concrete view of the supply chain process and served as an encouragement for students who wants to succeed in this field.