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Shark Talks: The Art of Vertical Storytelling

Aug 14, 2020

Shark Talks: The Art of Vertical Storytelling

How incredible does it feels to finally know that every day we scroll 300 feet of contents, which is allegedly the size of the great “Statue of Liberty!” Because of the easy accessibility of the internet, In the current decade, the number of smartphone users is growing drastically. Experts estimate that by 2023 the total number of mobile phone users will touch the milestone of 7.33 billion worldwide. With that being said, commercial advertisements are largely being circulated via various websites and this span also covers social media to reach the maximum target audience.

Since Seth Godin. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell.” Marketing commercials are only remembered and recognized when they are unique with the story and in which way the commercials are portraiting to the target audience. Stories present the most complicated ideas in the most digestible way. Just like that the idea of “Vertical Marketing” has become more popular in the modern era of smartphones.

Since “Vertical Marketing” will take over the digital commercials in no time, the youth should be provided with a chance to get aware of such a jaw-dropping concept. Bearing this in mind, East West University Business Club has organized “Shark Talks”, a learning webinar session series. The corporate world is wide as the ocean and the successful business tycoons are considered as the great sharks, “Shark Talks” series will be directed by respective business tycoons of the corporate industry. The milestone of this webinar series is to introduce undergrad students of Bangladesh with versatile business concepts. On 13th August, the first episode of the webinar series, “The Art of Vertical Story Telling” has been broadcasted live from East West University Business Club’s official page, free for all students over the country. To tutor up the students, East West University Business Club brought the “Great White Shark” himself which is none other than Mr. Tay Guan Hin, the Chief Creative Officer of BBDO Singapore. A student not only from East West University but also from across the country got the golden opportunity to learn exiting insights about “Vertical Story Telling”. Besides serving as first Asian Cannes Lion Jury President, also been invited to sit on various digital shows such as Cannes Lions Digital Jury and the upcoming MENA Digital Awards 2019 (MDA).

Vertical storytelling is sending the commercial’s/ad’s message to their target audience by keeping the screen vertical. Mr. Tay Guan Hin, let us know that the statistic shows that 94% of the time people holds their phone vertically while using, the importance of vertical storytelling arises from here. To grab the consumer’s full attention span, the commercial has to be rich in content, which requires having connective stories with the target audience. Also, the format (the size of the commercial on the phone’s screen) of the content matters largely. An ideal content (a commercial) needs to be in a large format, which means the maximum view of the mobile screen. Besides, for being a fruitful content, it has to be short and specific. He also taught that how motions from different dimensions from vertical display impact customer’s psychology through visualization. In terms of making the commercial more attractive, the use of appropriate animation, sound, and framing is highly prioritized.

Since today’s undergrads will thrive on the corporate ocean tomorrow, we must assure their quality. In this episode, students learn how to create impact throughout “Vertical Story Telling” in today's mobile world. Also, how to break into a digital world where lots of great video content exists and

to generate innovative ways to increase your mobile video presence. Such a pleasant treat for the students to learn the hacks regarding vertical storytelling from the best possible expert.