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Marketing is Everything, Everything is Marketing

Dec 08, 2021

Marketing is Everything, Everything is Marketing

Brian Tracy once said, “Learn from the Experts; You Will Not Live Long Enough to Figure it All Out by Yourself.” From this quote, we can realize the gravity of learning something from the experts who are the triumphs in this competitive world. As educators, we strive to make learning practical, interesting, and lasting for our pupils.

Following this, an expert invitation program on Service Marketing held for East West University students on the 1st of December 2021 virtually. The students have had the opportunity to learn about marketing from the inside out. The guest was Engr Shuvasish Bhowmick, Country Director of ATEC Australia International Ltd. Formerly he was the Head of Business Development at Unitex LP gas Ltd. Apart from all, our honorable guest is reputed for his online appearance at “Baap ka beta- বাপকা বেটা.

Marketing, branding, e-commerce, self-grooming, and other topics were all discussed at length in that session. Mr. Shuvaish, our marketing specialist, wowed us with new research and startling revelations about marketing all around the world. He not only shared mind-blowing details, but he also interacted with students, worked out their issues, and assisted them in finding solutions. COCA (Cost of Customer Accusation), CTA, JD, KPI, ROI, and other terminology and jargon were introduced to the students. He also told a narrative that delivered a life-changing message while discussing the very fantastic "Golden Formula." Everything was answered in this session, including how students can focus on personal growth and how anyone can become an entrepreneur from the ground up. Mr. Shuvasish motivated the students by telling them that he wanted them to start their own UNICORN enterprise. The entire session was a whole new unique experience for the participants. With the mind-blowing singing of “Baap ka beta- বাপকা বেটা duo, the seminar finally came to an end.

The virtual session was so encouraging in the first place, the eagerness of the students made the whole arrangement cheerful to the next level. There is no end to learning, being a teacher, I have taken away a handful of learning as well. As we can see there are numerous good impacts of such engagement, so it will be appreciated to arrange more activities, seminars for the students.