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Innovative Drone-based Pesticide System wins EWU Entrepreneurship Grant

Sep 20, 2023

Innovative Drone-based Pesticide System wins EWU Entrepreneurship Grant

The negative environmental effect of pesticide overuse and farmers’ exposure to the toxic effects of pesticides is a major concern in agriculture. EWU entrepreneurship development student, Mr. M. M. Zahangir, developed an innovative solution to this problem using drones. This business idea received the first prize in the Business Plan Competition of Entrepreneurship Development Center at EWU. His drone-based pesticide spraying system will significantly reduce the health and environmental costs associated with traditional methods. The panel of judges included university academics as well as experts from the SME Foundation, BRAC Bank Ltd. and BIDS. 

EWU’s entrepreneurship program is a unique and practical one-year initiative designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed to become successful entrepreneurs. The highlight of the program is the entrepreneurship grant for top business ideas aimed to help entrepreneurs to kickstart their venture and turn their innovative concepts into reality. Through this program, EWU aims to promote self-employment in Bangladesh.