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Department Chairperson:
Dr. Farhana Ferdousi
Telephone: 09666775577
Ext – 204

Vision of the Department of Business Administration

Business Knowledge Leadership for Social Transformation


Mission of the Department of Business Administration

We create an enabling environment for our students to pursue knowledge meaningfully and fully, to be successful business leaders of tomorrow through the scholarly pursuits of our faculty members. Our aim is to produce business professionals who will also prove to be responsible citizens.


  1. Nurturing Academic Freedom and Wisdom
  2. Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  3. Inculcating Leadership and Professionalism
  4. Cultivating Integrity and Equity
  5. Practicing Social Responsibility and Accountability
  6. Valuing Patriotism and Cultural Heritage

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs): Our graduates will

Establish themselves as effective business professionals, critical and fair-minded thinkers, capable of solving real life problems through the use of management science knowledge and skills.
Display ethical, social, environmental, civic and professional qualities in their actions and add value to society.
Equip with leadership and entrepreneurship skills as business managers and leaders.
Engage themselves in life-long learning to address the needs of an ever changing business environment and adapt themselves easily to the multidisciplinary nature of business relationships.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Graduate Attributes
Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)
Fundamental Business Knowledge and Skills
Our graduates will have extensive business domain knowledge and skills.
Communication skills
Personal Skills
Social Skills

Our graduates will

  1. generate clear, concise, and analytically insightful documents whose tone and style are appropriate for the intended audience
  2. choose, organize, prepare, and deliver oral presentations that meet professional standards
  3. develop appropriate non-verbal skills
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Thinking Skills

Our graduates will

  1. identify, define, analyze, and solve problems
  2. critically assess and apply learned concepts, and
  3. create new ideas, methods, and ways of thinking

Proficiency in Information Technology

Personal Skills

Our graduates will be proficient in

  1. Communication packages
  2. Analytical packages
Ethical and Socially Responsible
Social Skills
Personal Skills
Our graduates will be able to identify and comply with professional, regulatory, environmental, social, and ethical responsibilities.
Social Skills
Personal Skills
Our graduates will demonstrate the ability to collaborate and play the role of members and leaders in diverse and multidisciplinary settings to achieve common objectives.
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Thinking Skills
Social Skills
Personal Skills
Our graduates will demonstrate leadership traits and entrepreneurial and creative thinking.
Familiarity with Globalization
Personal Skills
Social Skills
Our graduates will be able to address relevant regional and global factors that influence business decision-making in the global marketplace.
Life-long Learning
Personal Skills
Thinking Skills
Our graduates will engage themselves in continuous learning.
PLO 10
Patriotism and Cultural Heritage

Social Skills
Personal Skills
Our graduates will demonstrate patriotism and have deep knowledge about the cultural heritage of Bangladesh.

The Department of Business Administration at EWU has been offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Business Administration since its inception. The prime goal of the department is to provide students with an integrated and practical approach to understanding current business practices.

The Department of Business Administration is the largest department of East West University. It has about 3500 students and 80 faculty members and runs three important degree programs:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA). The department offers seven majors in BBA and eight majors in MBA/EMBA programs. Research and teaching are the prime objectives of this department. The curriculum encourages students to sharpen their analytical and communication skills , placing a balanced emphasis on quantitative and qualitative approaches. Specialized and interdisciplinary courses focus on building leadership abilities, which will allow future managers to operate effectively in an increasingly growing global and technologically advanced marketplace.

The Depertment of business Administration has qualified and dedicated faculty members. We have the highest number of full-time faculty members among all private universities in the country. There are in fact about 70 faculty members in this department. Of them, 50 faculty work full-time and 20 faculty members teaches adjunct faculty . There are 14 full professors having Ph.D. degrees from reputed universities at home and abroad with long experience of teaching at the university level. We have also been hiring business executives from the corporate world to teach real-life cases to students. Faculty members publish regularley in different local and international journals. They also spend a lot of time in academic research while being available to student for

The Department of Business Administration is committed to create business leaders through academic excellence. Because of the persistent effort of the governing body, faculty members and the administration, we have already made in the corporate world. Our graduates are well-placed and are being absorbed in all positions in the business . A sizable number of our now in organizations such as British American Tobacco Co. Ltd., Unilever (Bd.) Ltd., Standard Chartered Bank, Grameen Phone Ltd, ADCOM, Banglalink, Siemens (BD) Ltd., Nokia Siemens Ltd., Square Group, Beximco Group etc.