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East West University Football Fiesta 2019

Nov 26, 2019

East West University Football Fiesta 2019

East West University Football Fiesta is held in 23th and 24th November 2019, organized by East West University sports club. The event are sponsored by Veloce, where 16 departments of EWU competed. 31 matches of each department has occurred on 23rd November 2019. The venue of this event is Fortis sports ground and playground is Fortis playground. Both students and faculty members are participated in this event. The departments which are participated in this event - 1.Department of Business Administration 2.Department of Economics 3.Department of English 4.Department of Sociology 5.Department of Law 6.Department of Information Studies & Library Management 7.Department of Computer Science & Engineering 8.Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering 9.Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering 10.Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology 11.Department of Pharmacy 12. Department of Civil Engineering 13. Department of Mathematics and Physical Science 14.Department of Master of Business Administration 15.Department of  Library Management  16. Department of Administration.

On 24th November, Semi final and final match has happened where 4 team has played in semi final, CSE vs GEB and ECE vs ECO. Two team has selected in the final match, CSE vs ECE. And the ultimate winner of football fiesta is the department of computer Science & Engineering  ( CSE).

Prize giving ceremony has occurred on 24th November where Champion team (CSE) received 10,000tk,  runners up team (ECE) received 7000tk. Man of the tournament has received 2000tk and highest goal scorer got 2000tk

Honorable moderators of East West University Sports club  has given this prestigious prize to the winner.